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Mayor’s Proposed Budget for County of Maui Fiscal Year 2015

I attended the County Council’s West Maui budget hearing last night and today I reviewed the Mayor’s FY 2015 proposed budget ordnance online. Nonprofit Grants Last night I heard many worthy and inspiring organizations asking for county funds and I

Constituent Issues – Private construction landfill

The Maui Construction and Demolition Landfill (“Landfill”) is located at the intersection of Honoapi`ilani Highway and North Kihei Road. It is a private, not a County, facility operated by and for construction contractors and trucking firms on land leased from A&B

Voter Registration is Important

There are about 150,000 people living in Maui County. The majority of candidates win with 22,000-26,000 votes. That is approximately 15% of the population. That 15% is who the current politicians have catered to. I would like to reach out

Welcome to My Campaign Website

Over the next months leading up to the primary for the position of Maui County Mayor, I’ll be talking to you about a new vision for our islands. One that is respectful of our land and water. How do we